I have been employing quite creamy shampoos and is creating some hair loss. How do I remedy this?

Query by christine: I’ve been using very creamy shampoos and is creating some hair loss. How do I resolve this?
I’ve been using shampoos that are really creamy to give dampness to your hair for a couple of months now. Then I comprehend that I have been getting a sticky residue of the shampoo trapped on my hair that takes ages to wash off. And now, its triggering hair reduction and hence some baldness on my head. How do I solve this??

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Response by Rosu
stop employing it NOW!

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  1. Bio-SYNERGY

    1) Quit using the shampoos!

    Use a different shampoo for a week or so, see what happens.

    2) Try taking Saw Palmetto, B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, and most importantly Vitamin A.

    If these vitamins don’t work, you’ll need to try a commercial product.

    DHT causes hair loss. The most effective way to stop hair loss is a commercial product. It will be your last resort. The link below can help you out. The product is very well known and used throughout Europe and the US. Check it out!

  2. Ismail Khan

    Without us noticing, we lose a certain amount of hair each day. Your hair is part of your identity, so it is never good when you begin losing it. Fortunately, there are some natural remedies you can use to regrow your hair.

    1. Honey and Egg yolk:

    Massage into your scalp honey with egg yolk. Leave it in your hair for thirty minutes and then rinse.

    2. Almond Oil:

    Two to three times a day massage almond oil into your scalp, this has been proven to stop further hair loss.

    3. Apple Cider Vinegar and Sage Tea:

    When taking a shower, rinse your hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and sage tea to help your hair grow.

    4. Lime Seed and Black Pepper:

    Grind an equal portion of lime seeds and black pepper in some water and apply it to your scalp regularly.

    5. Aloe Vera And Herbal Powder Triphala:

    For about three to six months apply a mixture of aloe vera and herbal powder triphala to your hair, this will help you to grow new hair.

    6. Mustard Oil;

    Boil 1cup mustard oil with 4 tablespoons henna leaves. Filter the mixture and bottle it. Massage the mixture on your scalp regularly.

    7. Fenugreek Seeds:

    Make a paste by grinding Fenugreek seeds with water. After you oil your hair, massage the paste on your scalp and leave it for one hour before rinsing it out. Every morning repeat it for a month.

    8. Warm Castar and Almond Oil:

    Mix equal amounts of warm castor and almond oil then massage it over your scalp at least once a week.

    vitamins A and B