I have been getting alot of Hair decline?

Query by m786: I have been obtaining alot of Hair decline?
At any time since I experienced my daughter 1 year and 2 months back I have been enduring alot of hair reduction.. Alot of strands of hair come off in the shower, while brushing my hair also. It really is quite scary I dont know why! I have had blood taken out to take a look at my iron and it came back again normal. I have taken biotin capsules and prenatal, aloe vera shampoo, and practically nothing has worked!! My hair is nonetheless slipping. The only thing I can consider it may possibly be is my delivery manage tablets ( Trinessa)? I have been on it for months now. Also I use my hair up alot. Does any individual know what it gold be? Dr will not seem to assist me. All she claims is it might be cause I just experienced a little one.

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that sucks

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  1. I think your hormones are out of wack and your pills are adding to it. I would try to gert a trim to rid the dry ends and stay away from color or harsh products for a month or so. Don’t use any metal products in your hair,they pull. Yogurt and eggs are good for your hair as is vitamin B and E.

  2. i agree with caci1 and also dont tie your hair back alot its not good for the roots of your hair.

    good luck

  3. A friend of mine had this problem after she had given birth ,i helped her research it and from what we found,its a very common problem with women who have just given birth. What happens is that when a woman is pregnant she experiences hormonal changes. This hormonal changes cause the womans hair to stay in its resting phase for longer periods during the preganancy(people shed about 100 strands a day normally). Once the preganancy is over the hormones settle and ur body will shed the hair that it should have shed during the pregnancy. The bad news is that u cant do anythng 2 stop it,bt the good news is that it will eventually slow down bout 6mths to a year after the child is born. Anyways maybe just try to go easy on styling ur hair for a while and use coconut oil 2 strengthen ur hair. I hope this helps goodluck:)

  4. The birth marks the end of the secretion of hormones produced by the body during the phase of pregnancy. For hair, this ruling is tantamount to the disappearance of its factors “doping”. Disappearance which itself generates a hormonal change affecting the state of the hair. The combined action of these two phenomena leads to a loss of hair .

    The amount of hair lost from a woman after childbirth depends on the health of hair before pregnancy, if the person was already facing the problem of hair loss, childbirth will lead to a massive and prolonged loss of her hair. If, instead, her hair was healthy, the person loses his hair but so momentary: usually 6 months after delivery, the effects of hair loss will not be visible anymore. After childbirth, so it should follow adequate treatment for the purpose of remedy hair loss.