I have delayed time period and a considerable sum of hair reduction, could it be due to anxiety?

Query by Sandy: I have delayed interval and a substantial quantity of hair reduction, could it be thanks to pressure?
I have delayed period and a significant sum of hair loss, could it be owing to tension?
I just moved from yet another place virtually a month in the past. And my physique is so effed up. I am lacking my period and dropping hair. Could it be because of to the tension of shifting?

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Answer by madblonde1971
Hello there
These symptoms certainly audio anxiety related, particularly the irregular intervals. If you know you’ve been more stressed than usual then i might undoubtedly consider that the factor. Why never you attempt some relation methods to get a keep of it just before it gets even worse? It might be just what your human body wants. The other notion is, why do not you shout oneself a wonderful calming therapeutic massage? They do miracles for the mind and soul.

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  1. it definately could be. most likely that is the cause. but being sick or eating disorders (not that i’m saying you have an eating disorder, i’m just listing causes) can be the reason too.

    but i would really say it is just due to stress considering you moved countries

  2. Stress is definitely on the top of the list. This happens to many people, who experience sudden changes in their life.

    If you experience any of other signs: like eating more or less, sleeping too much or too little, lack of memory, moodiness, negativity… then it probably is stress. If it continues I would suggest you to visit a doctor.

  3. yes but it could also be hormonal, as it was in my case. Find out if you have hormonal imbalancers and, just in case, take care of your stress.