I have dyed my hair practically 4 moments. Now I have main hair misplaced. Whats the very best hair item to use?

Concern by tweetybird: I have dyed my hair virtually 4 instances. Now I have main hair missing. Whats the very best hair solution to use?
I have missing virtually all the hair at the back again of my head. I require aid quick , you should and thank you!

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Solution by yanks115
selsum blue will work

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  1. You need to stop using product all together. No product or household item will get your hair back. Stop dying your hair- or at least get it as close to your natural color one last time so you can let it grow out and get healthy. Also, try to use less heat products on your hair or none if you can. Let your hair air dry before brushing (a good way to brush/de-tangle is just to run your fingers through it) Take a good daily multivitamin, massage your scalp every night to increase blood circulation. Don’t tease your hair. And I also recommend getting some clip in extensions that wont damage your hair in the meantime while it grows.

  2. ¡ i'm falling in reverse ! ✌

    try the garnier products. there for replenishing dyed hair and protecting them(: and don’t dye your hair for a while.

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