I have had a double Thyroid Most cancers and survived and now I am shedding my hair ten several years later on, Support?

Query by : I have experienced a double Thyroid Most cancers and survived and now I am dropping my hair 10 years afterwards, Help?
I have survived most cancers and my hair is thinning is there everything I can do to assist preserve it?

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Response by BSherman
Your thinning hair has practically nothing to do with disease from a decade back.

Most folks expertise thinning hair as they age.

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  1. minimouse68

    Unfortunately secondary hair loss can be a side effect of chemo.

  2. onlymatch4u

    The American Medical community does a terrible job with cancer and it is because they treat the cancer, but not the root cause of the cancer. Infection(s) have proven to be the most common cause of cancer and this whole idea of “survival rate of 5 years” phrase is not being used on any other disease for good reason. The hair loss could or could not be related, but unless you know the root cause of the thyroid cancer, how will you ever know? A lot of thyroid cancer is a result of teeth problems and much of that is due to BAD dentistry that is rampant in the U.S. Hair loss can be due to many things.

    All those products contain chemicals that damage the body and work for a short while, but at a big price to your overall health. The best thing is to determine the “root cause” of the problem and attack that.

    Hair loss is often linked to poor diet, especially consumption of hydrogenated oils, and/or fried foods, and INFECTION including bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic that may be in the scalp itself (often causing dandruff) or it may a systemic infection. It can be due to a deficiency of minerals because of bad digestion where low stomach acid is happening, intestinal infection where toxins are backing up into the liver that can affect the head and scalp, heavy metal exposure due to bad dental work that is rampant in America today from so called “modern dentistry,” and lack of sunlight leaving the body very deficient in vitamin D3.

    In oriental medicine, the condition of the hair is a direct reflection of the blood and the organs responsible for cleaning the blood, (especially the kidneys), liver, and adrenal glands.

    So weak kidneys or liver toxicity, or high stress (affecting the adrenals) can create hair loss.

    Male pattern baldness called androgenic alopecia and affects 25% of American men by the age of 25 and 66% by the age of 60. This is caused by the derivative of Testosterone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) choking the hair follicle to death, resulting in hair loss. This can be STOPPED COLD by consuming OAT GRASS. Oat grass prevents the formation of DHT. If hair loss is characterized by clumps of hair coming out, this is generally due to parasites.

    Most people blame hair loss on genetics and never look for the actual cause. Genetics can cause a small portion of the problem, but even genes have to have a trigger to cause them to express.

    I found a great source of Oat Grass that is very high quality and not like the garbage you buy in health food stores in a jar that have been sitting there for months and contain lots of toxic substances like magnesium stearate, silica, talc, etc. that can contribute to hair loss themselves. Go to: (800) 370 – 3447 and order the “Green’s Mix.” Take lots of that everyday. It contains other grasses that do many other helpful things for the body. It’s fresh and pure as well. Break open a capsule and smell it.

    The other thing you can do is to eat lots of cultured foods like homemade kefir made from raw milk (make sure the cows providing the milk are GRASS FED ANIMALS), sauerkraut, fermented vegetables, etc. Also, I would recommend you go to a Certified Nutritional Therapist and get tested for nutritional deficiencies. They can help a lot with this problem by helping you design a good food program that will support making you healthy, not “make believe health” drugs offer you.

    EDIT: No April, I have not only not gone away, but am very happy to present facts here and bring an educated diatribe and truth to this forum. I get many e-mails everyday thanking me for my advice that has helped them greatly.

    good luck to you