I have thyroid issues and I am taking pills with unfamiliar side-outcomes?

Query by Kira: I have thyroid problems and I’m taking tablets with unidentified facet-results?
I have Hyperthyroidism, and I’m taking drugs. Propranolol, 40mg. And I have to take them three moments a working day.
My medical doctor gave me 40mg after I was beginning off with 20mg, but the 40mg’s have been too a lot for me. So he said that I can break up the capsule inhalf to get twenty mg.
So, does anyone the side-results of my capsules?

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Response by sarah
Its a blood pressure pill. Its a beta blocker. It won’t heal the hyperthyroid. Hyperthyroid causes substantial blood force. Why is not the md offering meds to deal with the cause? The therapy is both medical procedures or radioactive iodine to remove hyperactive thyroid tissue or methimisol to block the thyroid hormone. You should ask the md this or see one more md

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