I have two little, spherical bald places on the lower 50 percent of my scalp, what to do?

Issue by GOPer slave of the Wealthy Corporate Masters: I have two small, round bald spots on the lower 50 % of my scalp, what to do?
Lengthy put up, you should bear with me, I need to have support

To start with, I am seventeen and a male. So I have been working with pretty poor and persistent dandruff problems and I think the result in is seborrheic dermatitis. It really is been about a 12 months with this dandruff dilemma and I have been to the medical doctor at least four-five instances over the past 12 months.

At 1st I was recommended with medicinal dandruff shampoo and my latest dandruff shampoo is this sturdy topical oil named Fluocinolone Acetonide. I was informed to implement on scalp for at least 4 several hours and then rinse with shampoo, after daily until finally the dandruff goes absent. It performs but my stupid a$ % only utilizes it a handful of moments a 7 days and afterwards the dandruff returns and then I wait a little bit right up until I resume the remedy.

So lengthy tale brief, I not too long ago had a haircut about a 7 days in the past, previous Sunday and the barber informed me I had two apparent bald places, oval in condition and about a cm. in diameter, additionally a modest bald line, all in the reduce fifty percent of the back again of my head, close to the neck. I’ve noticed that it also itches a little bit and it really is easy in feel.

So I appeared up some info on this and it may well be Alopecia areata. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alopecia_areata

The impression on the proper of the website page even appears specifically the same as what I have, so I am kind of freaked out a little bit considering that I never want to lose my hair. But it also states that in most instances the hair grows back and the cause of it could be nervousness and melancholy, something that I am likely via right now as I have social nervousness.

I want I can go see the doctor but my mother is currently away and my father is too occupied to set up an appointment with me. Any suggestions?
@Mike. Thanks for the reaction. Of course, I remember my medical doctor recommending Athlete’s foot cream but that was to begin with, for the duration of my 1st or 2nd pay a visit to. I sort of do not want to threat it so I may just adhere with the current treatment I have.

My dad has balding issues, not extreme but visible. So does a couple of of his brothers, my uncles, so I feel it might be genetic. But their hair loss seems to be various to the one particular I have so it may possibly be various troubles entirely…

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Solution by Mike
Until you have a genetic lineage of autoimmune disease or unless a close relative also has alopecia areata, then you possibly do not have it. From the sounds of it, probably tinea capitis. Great information is you can treat tinea capitis with over the counter medicine… Very same things you use for athletes foot can deal with tinea capitis (most of the time — if the an infection is deep in the hair shaft, it will need oral treatment).

I’m not a doctor, so, as often, my advice is a lot more akin to wishful considering. Certainly get a health-related viewpoint.

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Recent medication? Are you chatting about the dandruff therapy? If so, never be concerned, putting athletes foot medicine on your balding places will not have any significant issues, until you have an allergy.
I’m a Pre-med college student so I only know a little little bit, but you should absolutely look at the Google photos of tinea capitis (Next link I posted below). See if it seems related to what you have.
Fundamentally you could contact it ring-worm of the scalp. It will not often look like ring worm, but it is generally brought on by a related yeast/fungal infection.
If it isn’t going to look like what you have, then anyone’s guess. But tinea capitis is acknowledged to occur more usually in males (normally pre-pubescent, but not always), and is rather simple to deal with.

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