I have two small, round bald places on the back of my scalp, what to do?

Query by GOPer slave of the Wealthy Corporate Masters: I have two little, spherical bald spots on the back of my scalp, what to do?
Long publish, please bear with me, I want assist

To start with, I am 17 and a male. So I’ve been dealing with fairly bad and persistent dandruff issues and I consider the result in is seborrheic dermatitis. It’s been about a calendar year with this dandruff dilemma and I’ve been to the physician at minimum 4-five instances in excess of the past year.

At initial I was recommended with medicinal dandruff shampoo and my most recent dandruff shampoo is this robust topical oil called Fluocinolone Acetonide. I was told to use on scalp for at the very least four hrs and then rinse with shampoo, as soon as every day till the dandruff goes absent. It operates but my silly a$ % only utilizes it a couple of times a 7 days and later on the dandruff returns and then I wait around a bit until finally I resume the therapy.

So prolonged tale short, I lately had a haircut about a 7 days in the past, final Sunday and the barber told me I experienced two visible bald places, oval in shape and about a cm. in diameter, plus a small bald line, all in the lower 50 percent of the again of my head, in close proximity to the neck. I have seen that it also itches a little bit and it is clean in truly feel. An additional point is that each time I tug on my hair in the back again, a couple of strands of hair always seem to come off effortlessly

So I looked up some details on this and it may well be Alopecia areata. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alopecia_ar…

The impression on the correct of the website page even appears precisely the exact same as what I have, so I am kind of freaked out a bit given that I will not want to drop my hair. But it also suggests that in most circumstances the hair grows back and the trigger of it could be nervousness and melancholy, one thing that I’m heading via right now as I have social nervousness.

I wish I can go see the doctor but my mother is currently away and my dad is also occupied to established up an appointment with me. Any advice?

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Response by Alexes
Alopecia is a car- immune ailment that helps make your immune disease attack your hear follicles creating them tumble out.
If you can disable the immune technique at very first signs like you know. you truly have a chance of expanding or halting your hair decline.
I did it three many years soon after the condition so it did not function.

the medicine is referred to as: GENGRAF (cyclosporine capsules, USP) anyhow its a medication that disables your immune method. What is supposed to come about if is you immune method
resets like a pc and may possibly not consider hair absent anymore.

Also, to the answers above mine
Alopecia is a condition, and the wiki is mainly real in addition to the treatment component. Product and all that other stuff you soak on you head truly isnt that powerful since hair decline is one of thoes excess weight diet programs and tablets conditions. I did one particular of thoes tropical, creamy ointments and they wont perform. Getting rid of the immune program is the very best way to treatment it.

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