I have unexpected hair loss?! ):?

Query by GirlOnFire <3: I have unexpected hair loss?! ):?
I am only thirteen a long time aged but I’ve realised that I shed my hair alot. Like when I clean my hair I shed heaps of strands of hair? I have not discovered because very last week but i’m not confident if this has usually happened or not.
I have pretty thick hair but its grown to be abit thinner, but that is primarily only cause i straighten it. alot. Could it be from straightening? Like generally daily? But I never consider it has at any time happened ahead of because I’ve been straightening my hair for like 2 years now . I’m not confident.
I never know if i need to be concerned or not. Simply because currently I have been just a bit pressured from the up coming tests but not a whole great deal, like i have been before.
What can i do from end it occurring?
I recently also acquired some shampoo for dry/destroyed hair, but i am not sure if that’ll help.

Many thanks guys (:

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Response by carla x
Shampoos will not freaking operate.
The evident reply to your hair decline, is due to the fact you might be harmful it.
Minimize a number of inches off, and will not straighten it for a pair of weeks to go back again to healthier hair.
Tension may possibly also lead to this, but you’re 13, it does not seem like your anxiety would be that poor.
Also, if you do straighten it and don’t hear to me, use one of people heat protectant sprays.
An additional fact is that the typical individual loses a hundred hairs a day.
Hope I helped!

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  1. Ice Cream

    Shampoo will not work. A very common cause of hair loss is stress. Try to relax. Cut about 3 inches of your hair off, do not straighten or do your hair in tight hairstyles for a few weeks.

  2. It could be the straightener. But my mom said to me if I got to bed or leave my hair wet my hair starts to come out. so that might be the reason. leaving your hair wet and not drying it. hope that helped!

  3. There could be many different sudden hair loss causes in women. Few of them are as follows:

    Deficiency of iron in the body or Anemia
    Imbalance of thyroid (excess or less amounts)
    Chemotherapy to cure various cancers
    Birth control pills, anti depressants, blood thinners, mood changing pills etc
    Consumption of drugs or smoking
    High blood pressure medication
    Polycystic Ovary syndrome (PCOS) or post menopause stages
    Pregnancy, emotional imbalances, stress etc.
    Excessive dieting, deficiency of essential nutrient and vitamins in the body etc

    While patterned hair loss is due to heredity but the above mentioned are the actual sudden hair loss causes in women. While one may not realize there are many different drugs that clearly mention that its administration may lead to hair loss. One should try and avoid such medication. Also due to excessive stress and work pressure, women are losing hair at a very young age. Many young women experience hair loss soon after puberty due to the enormous changes in the hormones.

    Women who have had long thick hair before or during pregnancy experience sudden hair loss too. The sudden hair loss causes in women may be many but the effect is same. It is very depressing and embarrassing for women to start losing hair especially at an early age. Most of them suffer from low self esteem and lack confidence in public. This also results in them falling in the sudden hair growth scams and expensive medications. Hence it is important to tackle this condition with utmost sensitivity and caution.

    Many women these days have also started resorting to chemical treatments during styling of hair. This is also one of the sudden hair loss causes in women. They prefer making their hair look stylish at the cost of damaging it thoroughly. The strong chemicals and heat used during perming, hair straightening or rebounding of hair leave the strands and follicles in a much damaged state, thus leading to a lot of hair fall despite the use of good shampoos and conditioners. One should maintain sufficient intervals between such treatments to avoid damage to the natural beauty of the hair.

    The fad of looking slim has also led to a lot of women opting for crash diets or supplements for weight reduction. Once the body is deprived of the essential nutrients, the hair follicles and roots are not capable of a proper hair growth which leads to dry scalp, hair fall, dandruff etc. Proper head massages with rich oils, thorough cleaning of hair and maintaining basic hygiene of the hair is very important. Use of mild shampoos according to hair types is also beneficial. Exposure to strong UV rays should be avoided. Thus one can terminate the sudden hair loss causes in women.

    There are many home remedies too which can help in controlling the sudden hair loss causes in women. One should make time for personal grooming and take proper care of the scalp and internal hair elements too as they are the ones who actually contribute to strong healthy and lustrous external hair. There are different herbal oils and therapies available which can help you treat your hair properly. As long as possible, medicines or drugs related to hair growth should be avoided unless prescribed by a dermatologist. Basic hygiene and care will go a long way in maintaining good hair.

  4. “Many factors may be involved. It is the best chioce to find a doctor to diagnose the cause of hair loss and help determine the most appropriate treatment. In 95% of cases, the drop is attributable to a condition called androgenetic alopecia. Other hair disorders can also cause excessive hair loss, and we describe them briefly in this page:


    “Contrary to baldness, hair loss in women is not always progressive and can sometimes strike suddenly.

    Various other medical conditions that affect the hormone and enzyme activity can cause hair loss in women. “