i need help on straightening my hair?

Query by Marissa T: i need assist on straightening my hair?
i utilised to have Alopecia areta, when your hair folicules atack themselvesand you drop your hair, and now it has grown out and it really is frizzy. I want it to be staight but i dont want to hurt it any a lot more than it is. Any recommendations on which flat-iron or spray works? I really want one thing that will get it straight.

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Solution by Kelly Smith
Your hair seems genuinely weak as it is. If you flatiron it, I would do it Very SPARINGLY. Also, you may want to deep problem. There is certainly a truly wonderful hair mask by Neutrogena referred to as “Triple Dampness Hair Masque”. It comes in an orange tub.
If you get a flatiron, make certain it truly is ceramic. Ceramic damages considerably less than other individuals.

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