I require aid with hair reduction :(?

Query by : I require assist with hair decline :(?
hii i’m a 21 a long time aged feminine and my hair reduction story started in feb 2011 i would drop so a lot hair during the day and even a lot more when i shower , it was so depressing for me, i held losing hair and commenced using multivitamins and ingesting healthy and utilised shampoos that supposedly stops hair decline(lieeee) even so i took some blood exams and my hemoglobin amounts have been at the reduced restrict and normal iron so i dont feel anemia was the cause!! i did my thyroid operate exams and they were typical, but my hair still fell out like insane and thats when i purchased this tremendous costly treatment from vichy known as dercos aminxel SP94 result in i was frightened to use minoxidil cause i heard it might make far more hair to lose in the starting!! i didnt see any improvement till the 4th week, cause at the initial three weeks i even get rid of much more!!
i went to see a skin doctor and did some blood exams and my testosterone stages were at the greater limitations so she recommended me diane 35 and minoxidil, however i was still unwilling to use this treatment because BCP make hair decline so i went to see an endocrinologist who told me that diane35 is robust and suggested i took yasmin or yaz to lower my testosterone levels!!
so i did just take yaz!
and i completed my vichy therapy and still some hair shedding is happening, im thinking to take MINOXIDIL but im scared from the aspect effects like shedding, facial hair development which would be unsightly together with the breakouts yaz produced me!!
i need to have support 🙁 i study soooo many testimonials concerning this problem and nevertheless i haven attained a determination 🙁

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do hair tub twice a week

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  1. ♥ Rose ♥

    You should probably listen to what the doctors tell you, they aren’t specialists for nothing! If you suffer from depression or are under a lot of stress it’s not uncommon to have some hair shedding x

  2. Caroline Duval-latreille

    The most important thing you can do to prevent hair loss is to utilize natural hair loss products for hair care. But of course, you may also consider the following natural tips to be helpful in preventing the dilemma from happening. This is even before you think of hair loss treatments.

    Scalp massages) This is a better way to prevent hair loss because it can stimulate your scalp. You can massage your scalp with any natural massage oil at least five to seven minutes. This process can help accelerate the flow in the scalp by eliminating the dead skin and sediments obstructing the development of healthy hair and the good condition of the follicles. Conditioning of the follicles is considered as the first step to maintaining healthy hair growth.

    Shampoo selection) Select a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. When you are buying a shampoo make sure that you choose the product that will nourish your scalp and not the one that can cause irritation and clog your follicles by leaving sediments on your scalp. Each time you clean your hair, it is best if you are going to massage your scalp as well.
    Hair styling techniques) Try to loosen up your hair so that it can breathe properly. Hair accessories can affect the health of your hair, especially if you always make sure that you ponytail it tightly.

    Avoid chemicals) If possible, avoid putting your hair under stress like treating it with a lot of chemicals and processes that will trigger hair loss. The chemicals used in hair treatments can deplete the interior configuration and external connections of the hair passage. This can lead to hair fall at its source.

  3. Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

    It’s not your fault. The perms don’t cause it, hairdryers don’t cause it. Brushing, teasing, and curling don’t cause your hair to fall out. Not even coloring, days in the sun, or any of the other things you do to enhance the beauty of your hair.
    .The true causes of hair loss fall into three categories:

    Genetic influences. Look at your mother and grandmother. If their hair is thinning, yours probably will, too;
    Hormone surges or imbalances;

    Serious health issues