I require an substitute to flaxseed oil and fish oil for bipolar condition?

Query by J.P.: I need to have an substitute to flaxseed oil and fish oil for bipolar dysfunction?
I have been using flax seed or fish oil (omega three) (the very good quality variety you get at health supplement retailers, not drug stores) for my bipolar dysfunction and it has served immensely nevertheless, the fish oil will increase the ringing in the ear and equally are causing me hair decline. Is there any other choices I can try out that will not have these facet effects?

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Answer by Tink
Lower out the fish, stick with the flax. There are two different courses of n-3 fatty acids, the brief chain (in flax) and the lengthy chain (in fish) – your human body can make all it needs of the extended chain, from the quick chain.

Cut out the fish and adhere with flax and re-consider in 8 months.

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  1. mom knows

    I have been taking a product called OPC-3 for 10 years and it works great. I have also been on an excellent Omega 3 from a science based company called Market America. OPC-3 is a super-powerful antioxidant and one of the few things that crosses the blood/brain barrier. It is called Isotonix because it is a powder and you mix a small capful with 2 ounces of water and it is the same PH balance as the rest of your body fluids so you get 98% absorption in 5 mins. My doctor has been using it on patients for 12 years with fabulous results. You can find it at http://www.healthypractice.com Hope that helps!

  2. Healthy Oil Guy

    Neptune Krill Oil is an excellent alternative to fish oils and flax seed oil. Neptune Krill Oil is shown to be 48 times more stronger than fish oil, contain more powerful antioxidants than vitamin A, E and Co-enzyme Q10, and also 7 times stronger than Lycopene.

    Neptune Krill Oil also contains phospholipids, specially-formulated fatty acids chains that help form the backbone of every cell in your body. These fatty acids help increase the absorption of omega 3 fatty acids, allowing your body to utilize them more efficiently.