I see hundreds of goods for males that have thinning hair, but nothing at all precise for ladies, ….?

Problem by : I see hundreds of items for males that have thinning hair, but practically nothing particular for women, ….?
is there any goods out there produced only for women who have hair reduction?

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You must try out Nioxin. It is a salon model of shampoo that even has a few differnt stages for thinning hair. My mom employs it and swears by it. I know it is a truly popular model. They dont only make shampoo possibly they also have other goods.


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  1. Female hair loss, particulary that comes on very suddenly, can be the sign of a more serious illness, so you should probably consult a dermatologist. If it is just thinning hair or mild hair loss, products like Sephren or generic minoxidil are helpful for many women.

  2. You can try Provillus they have a female specific hair loss solution. If you click thru to the website you will find the female version of this product.

    Good Luck!!

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