I think I may possibly have alopecia?

Question by Tells It How It Is: I think I may have alopecia?
Im a 24 yr outdated female. I am in a very good romantic relationship and in good wellness etc but yesterday my hair began slipping out in massive clumps. I know some hair decline is normal but this truly was an abnormal quantity and all I have to do is contact my hair and a clump comes out.
I had a little one in February and I have experienced two deaths in the family members in the last few months. Could it be tension associated alopecia because of this…despite the fact that I dont truly really feel that stressed.
I am not actually that bothered if I shed my hair, I would just get a wig but I would relatively be prepared. Has this happened to anybody else prior to, Im just wandering if it sounds most likely that I will get rid of my hair or not.
I am heading to my medical doctors on Monday.

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Response by Van Bo
Tension can trigger it for sure. And cleanliness is an problem for some. You can commence by shortening your hair, and not employing powerful or dandruff shampoos. Chemical substances and minerals in so-referred to as excellent shampoos usually result in hair to slide out. Attempt child shampoo, and massage it in carefully. Have lab exams for endocrinology and hormones. See a medical professional for that.

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