I want to donate my hair to folks that want it.Like most cancers sufferers.How can i observe my hair to see if they?

Concern by Bounce: I want to donate my hair to men and women that need to have it.Like cancer sufferers.How can i monitor my hair to see if they?
use it and who gets it.Generally i want to see the conclude outcomes.Does any person know of a excellent web site i can get a lot more details?

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Response by Panda
No. In standard individuals with cancer have brief term hair loss and not often acquire genuine hair wigs. Most organizations such as Locks of Enjoy make wigs for a condition named Alopecia Areata which is NOT most cancers. Locks of Enjoy sells hair it receives abroad, so there is no tracking done, it can than put some of the money back into the non-profit portion of their business or keep the additional revenue . . there is no tracking this portion of their enterprise.

Actual hair wigs get about three or four various hair not just 1 . . so once more it is not feasible to track your own hair.

Their are other corporations too that will settle for donated hair.

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