I woke up with a unexpected bald location about the measurement of a silver greenback on the top of my head?

Issue by mreyrey06: I woke up with a unexpected bald location about the dimensions of a silver greenback on the prime of my head?
Ive by no means experienced this just before..my mother use to get them she she mentioned there from anxiety the nerve endings in your head..I dont know what could have triggered this Im scared normaly I would go straight to the physicians but have no insurance policies at the second..this ist he initial time this ever happened to me..the bald place is sore way too like you come to feel when you have a tiny bruise…

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Response by wizzard
If the places are in the measurement of a quarter and has a sleek surface area. Check out out the photos in the internet site beneath, if its similar then it should be Alopecia Areata.

My bro managed to locate a internet site referred to as http://www.ALOPECIA-AREATA-Cure.com when he had the identical issue that points out about the issue and implies treatment method. He gave it a try and to all our surprise he recovered.

Its very informative. You may want to give it a try. Wish you a quick restoration.

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