If hair reduction was due to Lower Testosterone, can misplaced hair start off return developing again right after Testosterone Treatment?

Concern by harry: If hair loss was owing to Lower Testosterone, can misplaced hair begin return increasing again soon after Testosterone Remedy?
Hi, i believe i am struggling from reduced testosterone, i look to have most of the indicators which includes hair decline. Just questioning if i do testosterone therapy will my lost hair commence to return developing right after the therapy ?
Or is the receded hair absent permanently ? receded hair is absent because about five many years now, not just about everywhere but a bit on the sides, entrance and crown area. I would be a variety four in the nor-wood scale. If anybody know about this can you remember to let me know,Thanks in progress

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Solution by andy t
Hi Harry

Converse to your medical professional and request if they will prescribe a lower dose Finasteride pill for you. It can be prescribed for hair loss on a low dosage. It ought to assist regain the hair you have dropped.

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