If I consume the proper nutritional vitamins will my hair grow again?

Question by Registered®: If I take in the right vitamins will my hair increase back?
Due to the fact of my rigid diet plan by way of the months, my hair has been thinning, noticed due to the fact of a whole lot of hair shedding. Because my hair decline is owing to vitamin deficiency, if I eat plenty of vitamins for my hair, these kinds of as b12- b6 and so on, and eat usually yet again. would my hair develop back again??

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Only if you stop ingesting alcoholic beverages, cigarette smoking cigarettes and not get any medicines.

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  1. The key thing for your hair to grow back is getting a sufficient amount of nutrients, it may take sometime but if your eat normally and take your supplements you will see improvement.

  2. My hair was thinning because of some medication I was on. My doctor recommended that I take selenium (which is in the vitamin aisle) and it slowed the hair loss right back down to normal. Before I started taking it my hair loss was clogging the drain in the shower – that has never happened since. I also think that I have had some regrowth as well. My part isn’t as wide as it used to be.