If i shave my head the hairloss will stop when the hair will develop again?

Question by andrew: If i shave my head the hairloss will stop when the hair will increase back again?
I think i m gonna shave my head becayse i have dermatitis sheboreic (crust on scalp)and i want to get rid of it.my hair falls down easly also..soo what do you say?

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Answer by Olivia
I am no professional but I don’t believe that the hair decline will cease when the hair grows back again.

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  1. Sur La Mer

    If you’ve got hair loss, cutting or shaving your hair (hair that you see is dead – Wikipedia) has nothing to do with growing. Healthy hair comes from good genes, good hair care (cutting or shaving in not part of that hair care – unless you’ve got damaged or split ends), and eating all the healthy foods from Mother Nature – not sold from GNC stores or made by man like John Freida, Bumble & Bumble, or WEN.

    Find the ’cause’ before you find ‘solution’ and eliminate them and your hair will improve.

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