If spironolactone is utilized to treat hair loss then why did my doctor prescribe it to me?

Query by pdddd: If spironolactone is employed to take care of hair reduction then why did my doctor prescribe it to me?
I have enhanced testosterone levels and have hair growth on my face (like on the sides, nothing at all in contrast to a guy expanding a beard) but clearly more hair than a lady must have. If spironolactone is employed for hair decline treatment, why would my physician prescribe it to aid cease the added hair development…? yes, i know inquire my physician but evidently at midnight i can’t call my doctor and question

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Reply by John de Witt
Spironolactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic occasionally utilised to treat hirsutism but not hair loss. Your doctor evidently isn’t going to do as very good a work as you at obtaining factors backwards.

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  1. In l;argish dosages it has an anti testosterone effect thus reducing unwanted facial hair

  2. Pharmalolli

    Well spironolactone is used to prevent testosterone from acting on its receptors, that are found in certain parts of our body. Therefore, it is a testoterone antagonist.

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