if you have Alopecia you should reply?

Question by justforquestions: if you have Alopecia you should reply?
Helloo ive had alopecia areata considering that I was 14 and now twenty, I never discovered just before but these days I notice I get itchy diverse sized bumps and usually when I get them I get rid of hair after awhile in that region, has any of you seasoned this also? They sorta burn up way too and I largely get them close to hair earlier mentioned my neck. Thanks male! 🙂

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Answer by wizzy
My bro experienced Alopecia Areata (autoimmune condition). It brings about bald place that can spread to the complete scalp and often even the complete entire body. It need to not burn or itch. Pressure has been acknowledged to be the primary lead to.

For a start you can compare with the images in www.curespotbaldness.com. Adhering to this, a pores and skin biopsy need to be carried out by a qualified health care doctor. This is the very best way to diagnose and affirm. It will display any irregular focus of T-cells (immune cells) at the afflicted location.

My bro did the same when had this difficulty. Nevertheless he managed to recuperate utilizing a treatment he identified in the web site. Wish you a rapid restoration

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