Im a 16 yr old male and locating bald places…:S?

Question by Sam: Im a sixteen 12 months old male and locating bald places…:S?
So yeah Im a 16 year old male and over the past handful of months iv located all around two bald places, not to visible as I have longish hair. The very first bald location is on the bottom 50 % of my head and is about 10cm extended, the next bald place is on the proper aspect of my head and this one particular is just patchy.

The back bald spot will not trouble me that much, its just the bald location on the facet of my head, as that is the side i flick my hair round. lets just say I have hair like Justin bieber…. -__-‘

Iv been to the medical professionals and experienced two blood assessments to see if my heath was anything at all to do with it that came back with no mistakes. Also the physician did say its not male patten baldness as he explained the very first bald was in a strange place to have everything to do with that..

All the medical professional explained was its a possible chance it could be tension as my human body is heading through alterations, after that I seen the second bald spot and as you can guess with my age im starting to worry about likely bald.

I want to consider its pressure and hope it grows back, but on the other hand im worrying im just going to go bald…. :'(

I can run my hand via my hair close to the bald places and about three hairs will arrive out with a tiny little bit of the root hooked up and some without.

Iv commenced to just take in a lot more vitamins and consume water, to assist the hair.

What can i do to help cease this :'(

Many thanks,

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Answer by Audie
tension is a big element in teens that expertise bald places such as yours. the health care phrase is alopecia. I have acknowledged of 1 individual that misplaced all of his hair for a while. it did increase back again. he ongoing to knowledge bald places these kinds of as you explain. iron deficiency can also trigger alopecia. Google it and read about the numerous groups and remedies. this will empower you to better examine your circumstance wit your medical professional.

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