im a black female with bad hair decline.?

Question by www.rainbows21: im a black feminine with poor hair reduction.?
i reduce my hair a few months back n i imagined my hair would expand back faster and more robust but it hasnt grown n im possessing a lot more hair reduction what products could i use to make it develop back again since i dont like my hair getting short like dis because i have had a great duration of hair most of my life so any females that kno of any non costly hair item make sure you enable me know thankz.

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Answer by KS
one.Consider mizani go away in conditioner and night treatment
two.Attempt Dr. Miracles I know what you are pondering. But it really works.
three. If attainable consider to get an appointment w/ a specialist. They can assess your predicament and set you up on a phase software to get your hair healthful.

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  1. If you’re loosing more than 100 hairs a day then it is considered serious hair loss, with many hair follicles resting at once, its best that if this is a long-term problem that you see a doctor. Fact is there are foods you can eat and treatments you can use, both natural and store bought (which are expensive), but a doctor will be able to find the cause and recommend the right treatment for you. This is better than wasting time, effort and money on treatments that may not work and will just leave you feeling more distressed about your hair loss. Your hair not growing is something different to hair loss, it means that your hair is in its resting stage and nothing can be done about that but for you to wait until it is active again and starts to grow again.

    Look at possible causes yourself so you can work on dealing with them yourself, as well as with the help of your doctor. Normally you’d look at stress as a possible cause, if you do suffer from stress address that and try to avoid stressful situations or plan ahead to be able to deal with them better. As a note B-vitamins are helpful for dealing with stress, as too is St. Johns Wort although it can’t be taken if you are using oral contraceptives as it can make them less effective. Hormones are another aspect, an underactive thyroid gland can lead to reduction in production of the hormone thyroxine – iodine-rich foods can help. Diet is a big factor, if you have a poor diet including using fad diets, have recently become vegetarian or suffer from an eating disorder these will all seriously effect your hair, specifically a sudden drop in iron or too much vitamin A. For healthy hair keep a healthy diet with a lot of protein-rich foods such as fish, chicken, dairy, pulses and nuts – multivitamins can be helpful, so too can flaxseed oil in capsule form taken daily.

    I’m a strong advocate for head massage, it improves health of your hair and scalp through improved circulation, and this will also help with hair loss. Mix together 2 drops basil essential oil, 2 drops rosemary essential oil and 10ml of avocado oil, pop it in a little dark glass bottle then when ready to use it heat the bottle up in a bowl of warm water. Before washing your hair massage this mix into your scalp in small, gentle circular motions and leave for 30 minutes – it’s easy to do and will help, it’s worth trying for the hair loss and will improve your hairs health in general.