Im possessing Alopecia Ariata. What could be the lead to?

Issue by chsdp15: Im obtaining Alopecia Ariata. What could be the lead to?
im 27 and i used to have alopecia ariata last 12 months and i obtained steroid injections at the impacted area and been healed. now after 1 year AA occurred in yet another location on the scalp. i was questioning why am i possessing this illness? and what can i do to make my hair look thicker? simply because im having hair thinning issue in which my brow is receiving broader and wider..

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The lead to of alopecia areata is mysterious. About a fifth of people with this condition have a loved ones background of alopecia.
Alopecia areata is thought to be an autoimmune condition. This takes place when the immune program mistakenly assaults and destroys healthful physique tissue.
Alopecia areata is seen in guys, girls, and children. A main lifestyle event such as an illness, pregnancy, or trauma happens ahead of the hair loss in some, but not most individuals

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