In which must I go to minimize/donate my hair?

Issue by : The place really should I go to lower/donate my hair?
I’m a 17 yr outdated dude (50 percent Japanese) with long dim brown hair. It’s mostly straight, despite the fact that there is a little bit of wave in it that prevents it from getting pencil straight until I flat-iron it. I typically use it in a ponytail at the lowest level at the back of my head (exactly where the hair meets the neck), and the bottom idea of the ponytail is at the same level as the very bottom of my shoulder blades. The final time I obtained a haircut was Oct 2008, when I obtained about 1/two” – 1″ trimmed off of the ends.

I have by no means coloured it, bleached it, permed it, etc. I shampoo and situation every single three-four times. I flat-iron all of it probably once per month, although in the final few weeks I have been flat-ironing just the ponytail virtually each and every day.

I plan on acquiring my hair cut quite short shortly (not really buzz-cut length but shut to it) and want to get my hair reduce so that I can donate as much of it as I can. Exactly where is there a spot the place I can my hair reduce in a way that I can donate as considerably of it as attainable? I live close to Chicago, IL.

And also, exactly where ought to I in fact donate it? The massive kinds I’ve listened to of are Locks of Love and Pantene’s Lovely Lengths. I genuinely don’t care if my hair goes to most cancers sufferers, alopecia patients, Chernobyl victims, Innovative War veterans, and so on. I just want it to become a wig that an individual would like to use. Thanks in progress.

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Answer by Morgan Alexis
Locks of Love(:

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