1. Kerman Litis

    I am also using Argan Life anti hair loss shampoo and ultra nouris ing oil

  2. Kevin Cruz

    ….Hi everyb ody….*My hair be g a n to thin after Baria t ric
    Surgery. After using **dermo biotin shampoo** made an improvement within
    30 days o f use*

  3. Chocolate color 981

    Ugh I hated the mane and tale shampoo it was rlly rlly bad in my opinion it
    made my hair dry 

  4. MsHeavenlyGoddess

    Mane N Tail is all chemical and sulfates which dry and strip the hair and
    are not good for hair growth at all.Try Amla oil or powder, coconut oil or
    mustard seed oil. Then wash the oils from your scalp after a hour or two
    with a gentle sulfate free shampoo. I use RegenPure and its available on
    line and is specifically marketed to promote hair growth,stop shedding and
    hair fall out and is organic and sulfate free.

  5. Dinusha Ileperuma

    Pls advise- is it good for use Mane o tail shampoo and conditioner daily??

  6. Ariann Childress

    I have to disagree with some of the comments below about Mane N Tail~ I
    have ALWAYS used that product~ For me it’s cheaper than other products, but
    it’s also always done great for me~ My hair has grown a lot since I started
    using it~ Every time I’ve gotten pricey hair products yes sometimes they
    clean, but Mane N Tail has never failed me~ My hair pretty much stopped
    growing when I tried other things~ I ate the same as I always did so I know
    it wasn’t the change in my diet~ My hair is long and yes I do get regrowth
    as well~ This is a great product~ It’s safe for animals which it was
    originally made for Horses~ (I’ve used them on my own horses in the past)
    so I know it’s safe! Always made their coats soft shinny and amazing~ If
    you do choose to use this product, and you can’t find it in any hair care
    isles, check your pet department in your stores~ It’s usually carried
    there~ Wal-mart, Walgreens, K-Mart, Costco, Target, Pet Stores (DOZENS OF
    STORES) Carry this product! Although across the world, may be a challenge
    from what I’m hearing lol sorry~ wish it was easier for y’all to get your
    hands on~ But those are some places to check~ My daughter’s hair has grown
    5 1/2 inches in approx. 3-4 months which is great~ It does work~ It’s safe
    for animals~ It’s safe for you! Try it for yourself!

  7. KRocker F

    I hate Mane and tail shampoo and the conditioner its just made my hair like
    straw and dry and every time i was using it and my hair was breaking like
    hell actually the conditioner says that it moisturise your hair but its
    quite misleading when the shampoo has harsh sulfates in it and the
    conditioner does not help your hair to be moisturised they are still dry
    not a very good product for hair growth and I did not notice any hair
    growth anyway since using it as some people claim that it does. I am hoping
    to buy fast shampoo even though it has sulfates in it its much more
    effective to grow your hair than the mane n tail one nearly all people who
    have used it have said lots of good reviews for it so am willing to try
    fast shampoo.

  8. I have used the Mane N Tail shampoo for about 3 months, and while it
    initially looked like it improved my hair, it seemed useless after about 3
    washes. I spoke with my hair stylist yesterday, who is crazy about reading
    ingredients and homeopathic products, and she said it is actually bad for
    your hair! I don’t recall all the scientific things she threw out there,
    but essentially the shampoo leaves a residue that serves as a sort of wax
    on your hair. So, the reason your hair seems thicker or longer is because
    it is coated in the residue. I believe there are a crap ton of parabens in
    it, as well.
    I personally trust her advice because she has never, ever tried to sell me
    any products and instead of pushing brands, she discusses which ingredients
    to look for and which to avoid. But anyway, I would say do your own
    research before deciding whether to use this.

  9. Amy Sonpe

    I had been suffering from hair loss. I bought Argan life product and I am
    using for 2 months. I started to see a huge difference with my hair (lots
    of fine hair growing out especially at the temple area). I am so happy, I
    gain my hair again and you can have same happiness with Argan life
    professional hair care product.

  10. Sarah Ann

    i bought the fast shampoo and conditioner and it destroyed my hair and my
    hair didnt grow at all and i tried so hard to get a refund but they would
    always either hang up on me or not reply to my emails. i just got the mane
    n tail and im gonna try it for the first time tomorrow and i am super
    excited! i hope it is much longer by the time senior year starts this

  11. Sydney Raether

    You should try hair growth vitamins and prenatal vitamins they really help
    and so does the inversion method

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