Incredibly itchy, sore scalp – slight hair loss!!?

Query by shmoigan your gaflagen: Incredibly itchy, sore scalp – slight hair decline!!?
Hiya – For the past eighteen months or so, i have noticed my hair at the best is thinning (not at the crown – much more in the direction of the entrance) and my scalp has been extremely itchy and theres at times some sores in that place! I went to the doctors at the time and they recommended me some anti-fungle shampoo and it did not function. Had a Thyroid check – it was ok (Tyroid difficulty is in the family). The Physician stated it was Alopecia, there is absolutly no historical past of this in my loved ones! I have been residing with it since. My hair has been thinning a bit in the very same spot given that, but is good everywhere else.

More than the previous three months my scalp has been UNBELEIVABLY itchy in that place!! It has woken me up several evenings it is that undesirable. It is a really powerful itch, like Scabies, but all in excess of my head.

I consume a healthy well balanced diet, am bodily suit, consume in close proximity to 3 litres of h2o for every day, will not get any dietary supplements, will not smoke – When I use Shampoo I use a descent brand name (Pantene) I have attempted employing shampoo, no shampoo it can make no big difference. I have really thick hair (as do all my loved ones). I know it’s a stab in the dim but anybody have any concepts/tips what could be leading to this?? I am convinced it is a thing else other than Alopecia!

Thanks! 🙂

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Solution by ladylee
sounds related to a problem i experienced, i have alot of allergy symptoms and i had a shampoo allergy. halting using the shampoo didnt aid a lot since my other allergy symptoms have been coming out on my head, if that helps make feeling. allergy symptoms dont constantly occur out at the point of contact. it could be a fragrance allergy ie, aftershave or perfume. you could try making use of a dry pores and skin shampoo such as e45, probably u are allergic to confront cleaning soap, stop making use of it for a handful of times to see, as i mentioned the response doesnt often come out at the position of get in touch with, the only other believe i can think about it to be is something in your diet regime, maybe you could begin a meals diary and see if cutting out certain food items can make any big difference, just simply because you take in healthily doesnt suggest that all ur diet program agrees with you. ive never ever had it, but i didnt believe that alopecia created ur head itchy…a good friend of mine has alopecia and she never complained of itching…but i suppose folks are different.

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