indications of alopecia universalis??

Concern by jew b: symptoms of alopecia universalis??
Well, I at present have alopecia areata in my hair and ahead of I found out I experienced it in my hair or even experienced alopecia I observed marks on my back again but by no means appeared carefully… considered they have been tan marks. But.. searching closer I observed I do not have hair on those spots. I don’t have a furry back at all but when anything like that takes place it will get a good deal much more seen… There are above twenty spots on my back again but im curious…. is it alopecia areata or is this turning out to be alopecia universalis

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Solution by pale_vixen
the initial point I would propose is looking at a medical professional who may question you to seek the advice of a dermatologist who could immediate you to a tricologist ( hair professional)… occasionally this brought on by pressure or trauma and may be alleviated by anti depressants and is may be in element owing to nervous program condition

as for alopecia totalis or univesalis all the hair on the body would tumble out such as eyelashes and eyebrows and i do not know of any heal but health care science is continually modifying… make sure you seek medical assist… there is not need for embarassment or disgrace … they are there to help you

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