Information “Immune Tree Nano-Strength 6.5oz Powder”

Immune Tree Nano-Strength 6.5oz Powder

  • Colostrum6 certified to be True Colostrum by Dr. Don Lein from Cornell University!
  • Perfect combination of Growth Factors, Immune Factors, Essential Factors and Metabolic Factors!
  • Colostrum6 increases strength, stamina, performance and recovery; for the athlete or the working person!
  • Promotes healthy intestinal flora, supports the entire GI tract and gives you all you need for a better functioning immune system!
  • Encourages cellular re-growth for healthy skin, bones, muscles, nerves and cartilage, making you more youthful and providing wellness!

Colostrum6 6.5oz Powder from Immune Tree is Mother Natures perfectly formed natural Nano-technology for balancing the body and helping with Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Immune Enhancement & Regulation. With over 700 constituents in their “whole food” form, this first food gives us all of the Anti-Aging Factors, Immune Factors, Essential Factors, Basics and Metabolic Factors which allows your body to fully absorb this first food giving us what we need for Youth, Health and Vitality! FANTASTIC for people wanting to enhance their protein shakes and see even greater results! Our natural Chymosin coating protects and insures bio-availability. Without this natural protection, the constituents found within colostrum can be destroyed by stomach a

List Price: $ 59.95

Price: $ 49.95

Charlie Villanueva of the Bucks (he once scored 48 points in one game!) is a real roll-model doing what he can to reach out to people with Alopecia Areata Elie Seckbach The Embedded NBA Correspondent Reports

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  1. Chinapao83

    I <3 IT make sure u have alopecia and not that alopecia has youu!!!! thanks !!! that does mean alot ... this should be put on a t shirt ...the way i deal with is dont make it dramatic make it a statement 🙂 ..i cried my heart out the day i was diagnosed and then i said no more

  2. burnenluv2

    i got diognoses with alopecia last april (2010)
    I haven’t lost the hair on my scalp, but my eye brows and eyelashes.
    What stinks is that there is no cause or cure.

  3. spxy0ungxboul215

    @josecitoperecito me too yo iuno what to do =[

  4. nirmalrawat

    hi.. thnks for you video.
    am also alopica areta patient.. cn we i share with u our problem pls

  5. nirmalrawat

    am alopica areata. patinet. wna my fnd. pls add me

  6. I have alopecia and it’s easy to deal with when you can look up to someone as cool as Charlie! Thanks for the love and care! I met him in Philly and it changed my life dramaticly! My new quote is, “Make sure YOU have alopecia and alopecia doesn’t have YOU!”

  7. my cousin has alopecia and really looks up to charlie so this video made him think of how cool it is to have an NBA player have the same disease! My cousin and I love the quote at the end, “Make sure you have alopecia and alopecia doesn’t have you!” GO CHARLIE!!

  8. evilmesia

    i have the same thing… for 23 yeas now…. i have 26… it really sucks… but im starting some new treatment… hope to get well :

  9. Cause and cure of hair loss, I know only one world, 19 years later I fınd big lie of all drugs, but in very simple and will save a lot of money I want to help humanity,I have no possibility!!

  10. icemanwjc

    i have alopecia, and im starting to lose most of my hair, kinda sucks, but to have someone like charlie out there really helps…

  11. cisarcaligula

    Damn I thought there was a cure for this shit, and then I I found this video and know that I´l be bald forever and ever !!! Not only I´m losing my hair on my head but also every fucking hair on my body ,that really sucks! And my skin´s itching me all fucking day LONG. I´d like to end this MISERY! There´s no hope for people like us suffering from this desease.

  12. emilytrip

    omg i got his autograph a few years ago at my sisters NAAF( National Alopecia Areata Foundation) conference

  13. lilbrotheoneandonly

    I’m a Pistons Fan so It’s cool to have him on our team but us fans seen to forget what other things the players are capable of doing for people who need it most.

  14. i like charlie wish he would have come to cleveland, but he’s a piston now, now he has to loose to us

  15. Keep you head up EasyEyan and don’t let others get to you. 🙂

  16. I had alopecia areata my whole life since i was 5 years old i lost all my hair :'( It’s been hard but. I just try to forget everything and just live my life. ppl at my school laugh at me cause im bald.

  17. landryagl

    yea i have alopatia and it sucks. like when I was groing up and all the kids are going in to puberty and are starting to grow body hair and I stay compleatly bald. my head is shaved and my eyebrows are tattooed on and when im wering long pants and a long shirt you can’t even tell.

  18. IIIIdepechemodeIIII

    bullshit. your hair will grow back. As I posted in here a moment ago, it’s a condition…not a permanent syndrome, or what have you. I have AU, had AA since 1996, AT since 2003, and AU since 2004..and I’ve done certain things by myself that have promoted partial remission. Currently, i’m putting it all together to enjoy not only all of my hair back, but all of my hair back to stay. <------THEN , I can start dating again. lol. Remember, your immune system is a circulating nervous system. relax!!

  19. IIIIdepechemodeIIII

    not sure what kind of alopecia you have, but if it’s an autoimmune thing, it’s not permanent::the hair follicle is not permanently destroyed. fact. I’ve even read one can implant artificial hairs-individual hairs- anywhere in the body, and they last for years. I’m not taking that route, currently, though. I think I can overcome this shit, with the proper treatment.

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