Is abnormal scalp itching and dandruff linked with hair reduction?

Issue by BurningPyre: Is excessive scalp itching and dandruff connected with hair loss?
I had these symptoms about 7 months back, and I was getting rid of hair. I went on propecia for 6 months (I stopped one 7 days back). Now, these signs are coming back again once more. I am on an anti-dandruff shampoo and have been for a while. Is this connected with hair loss, or is this some thing fully distinct?

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Reply by D L
You are possibly possessing some type of worm in you scalp thanks to a chemical from any of people items, check out this web side and any hyperlinks so you could educated a minor about shampoo and conditioning….Good Luck……

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  1. notyou311

    Try Neutrogena T Gel. It is the only one that works on dandruff and itching. See a dermatologist if the promblem continues.