Is America Killing us?

Problem by Fa!thfuIIy H!s: Is America Killing us?
Have you at any time looked at the elements on the foods packages? Notice how several substances are put in our goods? Why? For processing? Preservation? And so on??? Most of those substances our bodies weren’t created to digest, so why are they putting them in our foods? And, conveniently… the pharmacutical firms have the tablets to remedy what ails you!!! How hassle-free thinking about that most of our well being difficulties are caused by the chemical compounds they place in our goods!!! Have alopecia or thinning hair? Did you know that alot of shampoos have the identical chemical compounds that are utilised for impalming lifeless bodies?!!? Think that might have some thing to do with it?! Yes! I could go on and on, but I want to know why do we tolerate it, and even make these companies that are hurting us sooo loaded? Why will not we stand up for our wellness? Why do we just trust these So-Called “Authorities”?

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Reply by mickey g
if you have a difficulty with it, dont acquire these goods, get only all natural items, go to health stores, expand your own foodstuff.

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