Is hair coloring causing my hair loss?

Concern by Frasp: Is hair coloring leading to my hair loss?
So, after each two/a few months, I dye my hair employing a rinse. Lately I have been obtaining problems with hair reduction. Every time I go by way of my hair with a comb, I discover some hair swirling down the drain in the tub, or even now whilst I’m typing this I discover a good deal of hair on my keyboard x.x So is dyeing my hair each and every 2/three months the purpose why I am possessing so significantly hair reduction? I am frightened to use a straightener or hair gel..I know it really is typical, that we get rid of about 25-100 hairs each and every working day..but I am dropping way much more. Also if coloring my hair by using rinses is causing my hair decline, would permitting my hair acquiring colored in the hair salon fix this? Given that they use other goods to coloration hair, never they? I just never ever tried out that, considering that employing rinses is way less costly xD. Oh, and another issue, must 1 include hair gel after, or just before using a straightener? Following, correct?..Many thanks in progress =P.
Aww but I enjoy my hair gel .-.

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Response by youthful_boy_23
all hairs dyes and colors consists of dangerous chemical substances. they all results hair, which may well loose ur hairs from expansion

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    yes colouring your hair does cause hair loss,heat from hair dryers,strightners,curlers also will not help always use a heat defence spray before using these,you shouldt use hair gel at all as it kills the hair root,just stop using everyting use a natural shampoo such as johnstons baby shampoo and conditioner shampoo twice condition once only wash your hair every other day to prevent your natural hair oils being washed away, and also use coconut oils or vegatable oil as a hair mask once a week wrap your hair in clingfilm over night and shampoo the hair before washing it outx