Is it accurate when you clean your hair daily it thins?

Query by Buddy: Is it real when you wash your hair daily it thins?
Every solitary strand of hair starts to skinny. And you finish up obtaining much more hair reduction when your old? How several times a week should you clean your hair?

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Answer by Mike S
I was my hair every working day and it is incredibly thick

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  1. Persephone

    I don’t think your hair thins every time you wash it, but it does dry out if you wash too much. If you have curly hair its best to wash every other day or maybe two days, but others usually wash everyday or every other day. And hair loss could be caused by a vitamin deficiency, mediacal problem, or it could simply be in your genes. I hope this helps.

  2. NO, absolutely not true. Whomever told you that was pulling your leg.

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