Is it all right if I rinse my hair out each and every working day?

Issue by Taylor: Is it okay if I rinse my hair out every day?
I have genuinely thick, curly hair and I constantly need to have to rinse it out at the conclude of the day simply because it will get frizzy speedily. I do not use items other than a little bit of hairspray for keep and I only use shampoo and conditioner as soon as a 7 days (my hair is extremely dry). So is it okay if I damp my hair each day or will it lead to hair loss and hurt?

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Answer by Nikya Bell
It truly is not great also wash your hair daily with shampoo but conditioner to the hair everyday and shampoo everyother working day will be fine. This may possibly sound strange but if you rub a dryer sheet on your hands then run your palms through your hair it generally will take the frizzy mess absent. I hope this will help you.

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