Is it alright to shave my head when I am making use of rogaine or should I allow my hair increase out?

Issue by chinesechickenbauk: Is it alright to shave my head when I am employing rogaine or really should I enable my hair develop out?
I have alopecia areta. I preserve my head shaved, but should I permit it develop out or would rogaine not interfere if I shave. I use the foam.

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Reply by hairbender
The foam is less complicated to implement with a shaved head. I don’t think shaving is planning to make a difference one particular way or another.

The success of Rogaine is another query, and I do not want to get into that. Nevertheless, I will say that you really require to see results before carrying on with use. They are not inexpensive, and I feel the only issue expanding is someone else’s lender account, and not your hair.

Alopecia areata is brought on by other factors, and you really need to get THAT appeared immediately after 1st. The hair decline is only a symptom of other factors heading on in your physique. Investing money on the exterior is not the solution.

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