Is it also late for hair to appear back again?

Question by Chris Kim: Is it too late for hair to arrive again?
I am a fifteen yr old boy and I feel I could have Traction Alopecia due to the fact I used to scratch head a lot. Actually I would dig into my scalp. As of now it has been eight months and my hair did not occur back that significantly. I was just wondering if it is the everlasting hair reduction issue simply because I reaally have to know. If it may possibly not be than if feasible can anybody inform me what the Dermatologist would do to aid my hair follicles increase hair once more?

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Response by wendi773
You should see a skin doctor to validate that you do have alopecia. There might be one thing he can prescribe that will generate new hair development. Alopecia can be fairly devastating and can cause hair decline in your facial and human body hair too. Other than that, since you might be so younger, I might propose you hold out it out a although and see if it grows again with out drugs. I do know that they are selling Rogaine at costco now. That might not generate new expansion but it will make the hair you still have more dense.

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