is it apparent to have hair loss while on a diet plan?

Question by tinklingbangle: is it apparent to have hair decline while on a diet plan?
If it is, what can I do to avoid it? I’ve been on a diet program (self produced, but I do try to eat masses of veggies and fruits to get all vitamins) for the previous 4 months or so.

just lately (given that a month may possibly be) I have been obtaining a severe hair loss. I will not have a medical doctor to seek advice from here, what need to I do?

Do you believe obtaining a multivitamin and biotin complement assist me?

also, when I’ll start feeding on much more, will my hair expand back again?

remember to please give all your ideas, guidance.

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Reply by lalala stacie.
sure with lost of nutrition.
it ought to if you take vitamins and take in healthful

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  1. you need some protein big time….TAKE the vitamins for goodness sake but get some protein in you!!! it doesnt need to be animal.

  2. The multivitamin may help. It sounds like you’re not getting all the nutrients you need and your malnutrition is causing you to lose hair. I think it’s a good idea to consult a nutritionist to make sure you have all the essential foods in your diet, especially protein. Also, there are some vitamins that are very difficult to get just from vegetables.

  3. Hair needs iron, calcium and vitamins. Eat a balanced diet and all will be well

  4. foxygoldcleo

    You are not getting the right proteins in your body. Are you eating a balanced diet? Try drinking and eating soy products, it gives good quality protein. Personally I would recommend you see a dietitian. They can help you create a more balanced diet to prevent hair loss.


    yes, i have a friend who went on a diet and before the diet she didn’t have much hair to start off with and after and during the diet, she lost so much hair she had like… none. and to top that off, she bleached her hair to blonde which causes a lot of hair loss. then she died it back to her natural color which was like a brown and then bleached it a second time like a week later then like a few weeks later she dies back again. NOT SMART!! she is nearly bald.

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