Is it creepy to contact a wig or weave “she”/”her”?

Issue by ~♪Under the Sea♪~: Is it creepy to get in touch with a wig or weave “she”/”her”?
I have alopecia and I require to put on a wig so generally I went on youtube to see about wigs and all these girls had been like “this is my wig she’s about 2 weeks previous” or “i at times brush her” etc and so forth…
and I’m like… wtf.. it just gave me the chills…
usually when I listen to objects getting presented a gender, like autos, it’s just anything cute and funny… but these men and women had been using it all seriosuly acting like their wig/weave is alive… its terrifying

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Solution by Tanya M
Individuals like to give inanimate object genders. It really is weird but they are Probably not mad.

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