Is it feasible to increase hair once you lose it to alopecia?

Issue by N.T.: Is it attainable to grow hair when you drop it to alopecia?
Ever since I was eight several years outdated my hair began to steadily decrease in figures. Also, I went to the medical professional to get therapy and he could only give a single advice and it was to go completely bald by shaving it. I did this a few of moments simply because the hairs on my head were not increasing continually for that reason, the hairs had been not growing similarly. Right after next this method, it never grew again once again. Now that I am 23, I want it again, but what can I do about this problem? Please provide a affordable solution!!

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Answer by i Really like JaeJoong <3
Attempt noxion. it’s a shampoo that helps get again your hair.

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