Is it feasible to produce Trichotillomania from the thought of likely bald?

Question by JacQy: Is it possible to develop Trichotillomania from the thought of going bald?
Well basically I lose a lot of hair all the time… I’ve spent hundreds of dollars at the hair specialist but everything seems normal. I feel like i’m definitely going bald and as a result I tend to touch and pull on my hair a lot to see how much hair will fall out. I’m just wondering if this is related to Trichotillomania??? thanks!

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Answer by __A_YAHOO_USER__
If you are irritating it enough (I.E. straching) than yes you could be causing it. If it is falling out in patches you probably have a condition called alopecia areata, if it is falling out all over you probably have alopecia totalis. Talk to your Doctor about cyclosporin

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