Is it great rather secure to get a Vitamin E capsule day-to-day ?

Issue by AmmieC: Is it good rather protected to take a Vitamin E capsule everyday ?
I am having four hundred I.U. Vitamin E capsule every day becoz I am experiencing also much hair decline…and also for betterment of my skin.
My issue is…Is it secure to take Vitamin E everyday [ four hundred I.U ] ?
Can it able to cease Hair loss !!
[ If not then plz recommend the suitable vitamin for managing hair loss ]

Thank u.

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Reply by Nicolee2009
It’s entirely fantastic, I take like six different natural vitamins a day! And one particular is a multi-vitamin. And my hair and skin are good. I’d say vitamin E is the ideal consider to take, you may also wanna try out using a different sort of shampoo, a a lot more natural one that doesnt strip your hair of it is organic oils, I listened to of Sebum oil, probably consider that.

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  1. evirustheslaye

    the only reason why that would work is if your not getting any vitamin E in your diet. in terms of safety taking too much has been shown to lead to hemorrhagic stroke and heart failure.

    you could probably save money by eating foods that contain vitamin E rather than taking a high dose pill:
    Nuts, such as almonds or hazelnuts
    Spinach and other green leafy vegetables
    Unheated vegetable oils
    Wheat germ
    Wholegrain foods

  2. Chicago Mike

    Generally speaking 400 iu is considered a safe dose.

    Supplements that are good for hair: biotin, copper, essential fatty acid, inositol, pantothenic acid (b5), riboflavin, vitamin B6 and zinc.

    A high quality multi-vitamin plus supplemental biotin, MSM, and niacin (b3) might help to meet your nutritional needs. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but the above supplements are all needed by the human body anyway so perhaps you are deficient in one area and that is what is causing you problems.

  3. Some recent studies have found that Vitamin E use is associated with increased risk of stroke. And it does not stop hair loss nor improve skin. In fact, one study found that taking too much Vitamin E can increase hair loss.

    See your family doctor to discuss your hair loss. Although most hair loss is genetic, there are a few systemic discorders that can cause hair loss.