Is it ok for me to get steroids to search excellent?

Issue by jake: Is it ok for me to take steroids to search great?
I am 17 and skinny. I have a condition called alopecia and it made my hair fall out. I look like a sick cancer patient people bully me and phone me unsightly. I elevate weights so I have gotten a bit even bigger. but I even now seem negative. I want to consider steroids to get large due to the fact bald fellas are only goodlooking if they are muscular otherwise you are screwed. Skinny bald= ill searching. How can I have a standard existence if I seem like a cancer individual? No women. no close friends, and so on….. I need steroids to get massive fast. IS it ok beneath these conditions. If I raise weights normally by the time I’m large I am going to be 25 several years outdated. My daily life would have already handed. With steroids I can be large by 19.

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Solution by ‘Chris Beres
steroids are terrible for you. i’ve noticed documentaries about steroids, and some individuals have permanently f’d up muscle tissues that seem deformed, and i experienced a friend who took steroids and they told me the rumor is true- steroids shrink your p*nis.

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