is it okay to put henna in your hair each and every 7 days?

Concern by nori_blue108: is it okay to place henna in your hair every single 7 days?
i’ve decided to place henna (blended w/ egg) in my hair then clean it out each and every week. its all organic, boosts my hair colour, and washes and circumstances my hair with significantly less hair decline, as opposed to the shampoos and conditioners i use. I just do not know if its risk-free to use it each 7 days, is that also significantly?

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Solution by xmagicpixiedust
i feel it is secure. henna is produced out of normal substances, so its not harming your hair. utilizing it once a 7 days need to be good. =]

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  1. Its safe, but I dont think you need to do it EVERY week

  2. Lafayette

    id ont think you shoudl have a prob with it every week
    if its working for you
    you may ask a herbalist at a nutrition shop

  3. ~*~*~Butterfly~*~*~

    yes, because it’s natural and very safe. other dyes contain chemicals, that’s why they are so harmful. there are other organic dyes as well. try yor nearest organic market.

  4. myogthebest

    Answer to ur question is YES it can really mess ur hair in fact whn u get older u will loose hair very fast n i yr too.
    well not just tht u can get really bad sickness in future too like head-ech n u will cath cold too. do it once in 2months n whn u do this every week thn u better start collectin th hair which u loose in bathroom whn u wash ur hair n conditinar ur hair, thn u will c how muh hair u collect.

  5. hidden4eternity

    Uh… since I’m no expert at this situation. I just asked my sister who says “yes, it’s safe.”

  6. watchscorpions54

    put it and then bath .actually i dont know about this,only i tell you a decision.i think it write

  7. melissa81478

    That’s a safe way to boost color, a lot of people won’t use it, though, because it doesn’t last that long. You can use it daily, if you wanted to, these new color boosting shampoos and conditioners contain henna.

  8. zestful12

    henna is natural but it’s unnecessary to put every week. so maybe every two weeks.

  9. i would try it and if it helps my hair than i would use it every week. Have a nice time! LOL

  10. phani3ramachandra

    its safe as long as it is natural henna go ahead it safe

  11. Henna is very healthy for hair but be careful as few are mixed with chemicals. Anything is excess is harmful, u can use it once a month

    TIP: use henna only after oiling your hair as if used without oil the hair might break while washing hair after henna dries up.