Is it reasonable that women are allowed to include their bald heads even though guys are not?

Issue by : Is it honest that ladies are permitted to cover their bald heads even though males are not?
I work at a library exactly where my superiors have instructed me that it is unprofessional to use a hat even though on the occupation. The explanation I do this is that I have lost a whole lot of my hair (because of to “male pattern baldness”) and I look genuinely scary. I indicate, it is not like I am frightened to be witnessed in this situation, it really is just that I search far more presentable if I cover my relatively huge, round, bare head although doing work with the community. I have complained to my labor union and described to the Library Director that I believe it really is unfair that a girl who has a loss of hair due to most cancers treatments can go over her head (for the sake of vanity), and I’m not permitted to do the exact same point (for the sake of vanity, in a perception). I believe this is totally unfair. What do YOU believe?

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Douleur pattern baldness =/= Most cancers.

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  1. uncool. Just put the hat on and if they fire you get a lawyer.

  2. It rather depends what you wear, doesn’t it? it’s not about head-covering per se

    A wig would be ok. A headscarf might be ok. But a hat is probably not ok – men or women.
    Are you suggesting your workplace is full of cancer-treatment women who are wearing hats?

    Or are you suggesting your embarrassment at your baldy bits should be accorded the same treatment as someone undergoing life-threatening treatment?

  3. So you are comparing your bald spot to cancer? Sorry, dude. The two have nothing in common.

    I have two ideas for you. 1) Rogaine, and 2) wig.

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