Is it recommended to go for Japanese hair rebonding for a third time?

Query by Robin: Is it recommended to go for Japanese hair rebonding for a third time?
I’ve rebonded my hair two times. I am suffering from a lot of hair reduction but no dandruff. I get very good treatment i.e. shampoo & problem my hair each and every other day(with special goods for rebonded & highlighted hair), deep problem it when a thirty day period. I do not oil my hair for concern that if I shampoo vigorously to take away the oil it will shorten the daily life of my rebonding. Remember to suggest.
I went in for rebonding coz I love poker straight hair. My normal hair are straight & extremely fine in texture. I held a gap of one.5 several years between the rebonding. The first time it lasted for fourteen months. I acquired my hair rebonded by the very same stylist on both occassions.

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Reply by ms_rar
What is the want for you to even go for rebonding or perming?!! If you locate your hair frizzy or it ain’t what you want,cover it by making use of clips or hair bands.That is the very best way. Permit me explain to you my lil darling. When famous people rebond/perm their hair,they spend hundreds or tens of hundreds of $ $ for hair treatment. But in the end,their hair will nonetheless spoil when they age.So just comply with my suggestions tiny expensive and use hair clips which are unique to outshine urself!

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  1. well your stylist should know. Have them test your hair and make sure it can stand the treatment one more time. they would be able to make the best judgment. Also, why are you going a 3rd time? has it grown out? or did it just not get straight enough? if the ladder, then you might want to go somewhere else.

  2. worrygirl

    actually it doesnt matter so long as the gap of next rebonding is at least 2 years

  3. you can go for it. as you have kept proper gap between 2 reboundings.

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