Is it secure to acquire hair vitamins whilst pregnant?

Query by : Is it protected to acquire hair nutritional vitamins even though pregnant?
I’m expecting and I’ve just lately discovered huge quantities of my hair falling out.. so I’m pondering if it will be risk-free to be getting hair nutritional vitamins that just consist of the specific hair nutritional vitamins that lessen hair reduction this sort of as vitamin B6, B12 etc… these vitamins are safe although pregnant but i just want to be positive. And also if there any other techniques i could do to stop more hair decline that anybody knows of?

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You must previously be using prenatal vitamins which contain vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 among several other vitamins and minerals, so including one more vitamin dietary supplement could put you above the suggested everyday greatest doses of some or all of these vitamins. Even though nutritional vitamins are normally wholesome, there is such a factor as “way too significantly of a excellent thing” when it arrives to nutritional vitamins and you can actually get too considerably if you’re taking health supplements.

When in question, consider the two in to your pharmacist or physician to verify if it truly is okay to acquire them jointly, or incorporate up each and every of the vitamins in both and make positive none go in excess of the recommended daily greatest (use google to discover it out for every single vitamin –

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  1. Hi Emma,

    You should be fine in taking vitamin supplements while you’re pregnant, since your body’s going through major hormonal changes right now (during pregnancy, the body produces extra estrogen which throws your regular hormonal levels off, resulting in some loss). To be 100% sure, you can check with your doctor beforehand.

    Some other tips that might help right now are eating plenty of protein and nutrient rich foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, lean red meat, legumes and plenty of water. You can also try applying natural oils to your scalp, like rosemary and basil, which are known to help maintain hair health and repair some damage.

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