Is it standard for a young female to get rid of hair after shampooing and following brushing her hair when its damp?

Query by shangelbabe05: Is it regular for a younger lady to drop hair soon after shampooing and soon after brushing her hair when its soaked?
I am scared it does not seem standard to me. Is there a particular kind of shampoo I can use to stop my hair reduction?

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Solution by happy_woman
Sure, it is completely standard but it is critical to find out if the hair that is coming out is drop hair (healthful hair) or broken strands (destroyed hair). You can locate that out by looking at a strand that comes out of your hair and see if their is a little white bulb at the end, this implies that almost everything is okay. If not, then you need to have to locate out what is leading to you hair to brake off, no matter whether it be way too a lot manipulation, or using the improper merchandise. If you are encountering a lot more hair decline than you are employed to consider going to a skin doctor to see there are any even more problems.

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  1. yeah its normal its probably cause your hair is too old or damaged by the dryness but after brushing your hair when its wet its defff normal thats what happens to me all the time but using garnier will not make your hair fall you after a shower

  2. kimberlyannnatale

    Oh yes! Very normal. You should lose about 100 hairs a day. But your best bet is to use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet to comb it out instead and to put a styling product in it first. Something like Biosilk first then it will comb out much easier and you will prevent breaking your hair with a brush.

  3. lizzielpp

    If you continuously brush your hair when you get out of the shower and its still wet, it is likely that you will lose your hair! When your hair is wet, it’s swollen with water and much weaker. I don’t recommend that you brush your hair directly after wetting it, but its understandable if it’s absolutely necessary. If you know that you’re going to have to brush your hair a lot when its wet, then you should go out and purchase a wide-toothed comb. Those are ideal for untangling your hair when it’s wet, and they don’t damage or pull out your hair as much. Since you are losing your hair, I would make sure your regular hair brush doesn’t have any bristles or anything else that would tug at your hair too aggressively! I’ve noticed that Conair brushes work very smoothly and don’t pull out my hair. You can get them at target (they’re a little bit more expensive than other options but worth it because of their quality, I think). I found this website, it’s filled with all different sorts of shampoos that should help!