Is it undesirable to clean and situation my hair day-to-day?

Issue by CoolDude1234553624265734: Is it poor to clean and situation my hair day-to-day?
I observe that when I am in the present immediately after I put in some shampoo and conditioner (sometimes only conditioner) a bunch of my hair falls out. I might be performing the lathering portion and when I pull my fingers back I can see several hairs. I examine on Yahoo! answers that the average daily hair reduction for each indiviual is roughly seventy five-a hundred which seems absurd but I guess it truly is not that out there. Anyways, I was wondering if shampooing and washing my hair considerably less frequently would sluggish down this hair loss.

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Reply by lotuseater
Washing your hair each day isn’t going to hurt it.But shampooing daily is dangerous.Reduce it again to once a week at the very least.

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  1. I don’t think it slows down, because your hair sheds throughout the day.
    I strongly believe in washing hair everyday because it’s basic hygiene. But be gentle when you wash. Use the pads of your fingers, not your nails. Rub the shampoo in slowly, and don’t subject your hair to hot, steaming water. Lukewarm, tepid water is fine. And don’t turn the tap on full blast.

  2. Invi(nc/s)ible

    Showering daily is a definite good thing, but you’re really only supposed to wash your hair twice per week. I don’t even go by that rule, but I try to to keep it around 4 times per week. …You need to not wash your hair so much to allow for the natural oils to get into your hair to give it that natural shinel. Washing your hair everyday will cause it to dry out. …And yes, the losing 100 hairs per day thing is true. Think though, you have billions of hairs in your head… losing 100 each day is very insignificant compared to that. Plus, new hairs will keep on growing.

  3. cheergirl

    that is fine it will not harm your hair at all.

  4. It is possable that it is not the shampoo you really need to get your thyroid checked out …If your thyroid is off then it can cause hair loss and alot of other conditions as well. And just to let you know it is not good to just put the conditioner in your hair you need to shampoo your hair and leave the shampoo on for at least 5 minutes to clarify your hair you may have alot of conditioner build up on it due to only using conditioner sometimes. I hope this is helpful to you ….Good Luck.

  5. ladyjamie

    I don’t think washing your hair has any thing to do with hair loss. I just about wash my hair almost every day and condishion. It is normal for hair to thin it self out naturly. It is only making room for new ones to grow in. I hope this helps………

  6. Gypsyworks

    Wash out, replace, wash out replace…try massaging your scalp, and using a natural bristle brush to re-distribute you own natural oils.
    Bottom line, we are being jacked around with a lot of added garbage in our hair care products, by meg-million dollar companies.

    You are looking for smelling good I assume. If you over condition for the scent, think of it as a waxy build up. Just spritz your favorite scent above yourself. Unless you expect your girfriend to nuzzle you around. Otherwise, shampoo a little less often….

  7. MeWantRune

    Washing every day is fine. These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a shampoo that will do your hair any damage. Conditioning every day is fine as well – it’s not going to hurt anything, but based on your hair type, you may not need it. Perhaps a creme rinse instead if you just want to get out the snarls.

    Be sure to change your products every now and then; it’s like your hair gets used to what you’re using, and changing it gives it a little boost.

    As for your hair loss, while seeing a doctor isn’t a bad idea, you can also purchase the Nioxin products which are formulated to deal with thinning hair. They have a ton of products, so I recommend visiting their website and looking at their claims so you know what to get.

    I have used it myself, and it really does work. You do have to keep using it, of course, but it’s not like that other product whose name escapes me. It won’t regrow hair, but it does seem to make it “stickier!”

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