Is it worth employing Monoxidil and can it make hair decline accelerate?

Question by Anonymous: Is it value employing Monoxidil and can it make hair loss speed up?
I have small hair loss around the scalp and middle. I am 23 and my father is nearly fully bald and it began when he was about my age. Mom’s dad just experienced receding hair line and small hair loss which is what I have. Ought to I acquire monoxidil and if so it is feasible that if I get it for three-12 months and stop employing for any cause, could it in fact speed up hair loss?

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Minoxidil can function and it will NOT make your hair loss worse (you could encounter a adjust for a although due to the fact hair could alter its cycle, but in 6 months you must have more hair than prior to). If you cease the hair will slowly and gradually drop off once again, just like prior to.

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  1. Medical treatment is often necessary to maintain the “capital hair”. It will only be effective in cases of temporary hair loss. Obtained by prescription, these medicines may be topical lotions type monoxidil 2% or 5% applied directly to parts of the scalp with alopecia. However, this treatment unfortunately implies a deterioration of vision, decreased libido, promote weight gain and development of down on the face and body.

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