Is my hair likely to tumble out (i’m 14)?

Concern by : Is my hair going to tumble out (i am fourteen)?
I’m fourteen male and my biological father has thick hair and so do i but i come to feel like the top of my head (the area the place most guys shed their hair) is thinner than the hair on the backside of my head. If i operate my hand via my hair on the prime i am virtually constructive that it’s thicker in the again.

What is actually likely on? Is there a factor like that Rogain for men that i can use to cease my hair from slipping out?

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Answer by Crouton II
I am frightened it seems like you have a ailment known as Alopecia Areata, which the only way to treatment it to shave your whole head, so it thickens and goes back again to standard. Great luck!

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